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2018 Saskatoon Fashion Design Festival

2018 Saskatoon Fashion Design Festival

This past weekend was a great time at the Saskatoon Fashion Design Festival. I presented ten looks of my designs. I like cropped jackets and layering longer tunics underneath. 

My mission is to make beautiful, wearable clothing for women with the purpose of rekindling our love of Slow Clothing. Classic cuts and layered moments are some of the things that define my design aesthetic. I always love working with natural fibres and make small runs of garments as well as one-of-a-kind special pieces with specialty fabrics that I've found or re-worked with surface design. See my line of wool scarves in vibrant jewel-tone colours for the up-coming season.


 The MC for the evening - the lovely Tara Stobbe. She's wearing one of my legacy pieces - a bias silk-velvet gown.

Groovy cats. 


Waiting in the dressing room to hear the call that we're next. 




 Queued up  and waiting: almost time to go on.   








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  • I love your designs…the structure and texture are amazing…suitable for young women…not like the lingerie styles so many are wearing these days…I may sound old fashioned but torn clothing etc is not only unattractive but also boring. Keep up the good work.

    eleanor ritchie

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