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2021 Colours of the Year

2021 Colours of the Year


 I've never been one to follow trends in my designs, but as a clothing designer, I'm always interested in hearing what the new year brings for colour themes. This year I've noticed the two new colours of the year that Pantone selected. They are: Ultimate grey and Illuminating yellow. Grey is such a great colour as it will provide a good undertone for any pop of colour you may want to add to transform the neutral tone and give it just that - a 'pop'. And while I'm not really one for a bright yellow, I will say that one of my favourite dyes and the colour it produces is a bright, intense yellow coming from the Reseda luteola dye plant. I have dyed with this dye and it is one of my favourites. Interestingly, not every one who dyes with the weld plant (it's the flowers that give the yellow colour) can achieve the bright yellow. Depending on whether you have hard or soft water to dye with, the brilliance (or lack there-of) will be determined by the water in the region. For weld, hard water will produce a brilliant yellow. 

"Speaking with Vogue, Pantone’s trend forecasters explained they selected two colours because, “it became apparent that there was never going to be one colour that could express everything that needed to be expressed — that it was, instead, critical to have two independent colours that could come together.” From a natural dyer's point of view, what appeals to me most about the new colours is the beautiful yellow colour. 

The finished product - a merino wool scarf dyed with the weld plant. 

Dyeing with the weld plant in the dye vat. 

Lifting the wool scarf out of the vat to check it. 

Merino wool scarves drying.

The final piece; merino wool dyed with weld. 




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  • The merino scarf dyed with weld is stunning. It is such a rich color that has a beautiful undertone that means it can surely be worn with nearly anything. I am sure you will be sold out in no time flat.

    Janet Williams

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