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Woven Stories

Woven Stories

Here are a few photos from my April fashion show. The focus of the show was more than just a fashion show, but that of a deeper appreciation of clothing.  
More photos from the event can be seen at these links: SJo Photos and Moments by Kim


There were three sets to the evening with ten models of different ages, from 15 - 58 years old. This was an intentional choice to convey that my clothing is not defined by age, but by lifestyle, and for those who appreciate quality and good styling that goes beyond the latest trends of the day. The first set was called "Spirit of Indigo" and focused on just that: indigo garments of found and collected pieces from my travels. From the photos below, you will see indigo from Laos, India and Africa mixed with contemporary designs.    

Grey hemp-silk blend vintage-style slip dress. Worn with ikat silk bolero top. 

Button-down classic blouse of navy cotton/linen blend and wrap navy skirt. Both with Nigerian indigo accents. 

The second set focused on "Slow Clothing". The term "slow clothing", appears more and more in mainstream vocabulary and is the opposite of fast fashion. Slow clothing  is about being more intentional in the clothing we choose to purchase as well as taking into account the bigger picture of the globalized world of fashion. 

This is a re-purposed men's suit worn with the 'harem pant'.

Wrap Apron Tunic of 100% linen.


The third set - "Natural dyes" focused mainly on pieces I had dyed with natural dyes. Several pieces were from my travels in India or acquired pieces from Africa. 

Scarf of 100% Linen. Made in Canada, dyed with marigold. 


100% linen scarf, dyed with madder root. Made in Canada. 



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