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An Old-Fashioned Barn Dance

An Old-Fashioned Barn Dance


Much fun was had this weekend at an old-fashioned dance. It had been many years since I'd been to a country dance in the area where I grew up. And while things have changed a lot since I lived there, folks in the community have carried on with their lives; changing with the times and creating new rich communities. The dance held special meaning for me, because it brought to mind the many childhood events of neighbours gathering at the community hall on a warm summer night; wedding showers, baby showers, anniversaries, 4-H meetings and the like. Little did my husband and I know our neighbours had built a lovely new barn! 

The weather vane. 

Line dancing.

Fiddles by JJ Guy, Gord Stobbe and piano accompaniment by Cathy Sproule.

Evening lunch break from the hard work of dancing. 

My favourite: baked beans!

Dancing into the night.




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  • Mom and Dad often took us square dancing at a barn near Fergus when we were kids. Once a year they had a corn roast there too. Loved being in the fresh air with lots to explore.

    Maureen Bailey

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