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APRIL 22 - 28 is Fashion Revolution Week

APRIL 22 - 28 is Fashion Revolution Week

It has been almost six years since the tragic Rana Plaza factory disaster that killed more than 1100 people in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Since that time, Fashion Revolution has fostered a global conversation about the fashion industry and the ways we can collectively lessen our impact on the planet.  

Take some time to think about what you might do to be more conscious in connecting with your clothing and loving the clothes you own. Low-quality and cheap clothing convince us our clothing is disposable and that when a button falls off or the zipper breaks, we can purchase another garment for little more than the cost of two lattes. The simple act of mending a sock or sewing on a button is a small yet powerful step in connecting with our clothing. In the video below Wilson Oryema shows us how to sew on a button.       


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