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Dyeing Merino Wool Scarves with Brazilwood and Weld

Dyeing Merino Wool Scarves with Brazilwood and Weld

Last week I shared with you my dyeing of Merino wool scarves with cochineal. This week I am doing a similar process with Brazilwood (or Sappanwood) and Weld. The Merino wool scarves are soft, almost tissue-like - quite 'heavenly' I will say. The scarves are woven from grey wool. Applying Brazilwood and Weld results in a rich cinnebar colour.

Weld (Reseda luteola) grows mostly in Europe. It produces a vibrant yellow colour. Brazilwood (Paubrasilia echinata) is native to Brazil. Sappanwood (Biancaea sappanis related to Brazilwood and grows in Asia. Brazilwood and Sappanwood both produce a beautiful red.

The video below shows the process to create this vibrant colour.


Weld Plant
"Weld (Reseda luteola)" by Deanster1983 who's mostly off is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0


Sappanwood (Brazilwood)Sappanwood Botanical Drawing

Sappanwood (Brazilwood)
Upper Image: David E Mead, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons; Lower Image: Francisco Manuel Blanco (O.S.A.), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


Next I'll be dyeing Merino wool scarves with Weld and a hint of cochineal. Stay tuned.

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