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Dyeing with Weld - A Natural Dye

Dyeing with Weld - A Natural Dye

Weld (Reseda luteola) is a plant that is used as a natural dye and it grows mostly in Europe. It is lightfast and colour fast and produces a rich and vibrant yellow colour as you can see below. I have chosen to dye with a knit, Merino wool that is fine and soft, and allows the beauty of natural dyes to be rich and vibrant.  

Botanical print accreditation: By Johann Georg Sturm 1796 (Painter: Jacob Sturm) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. Right photo image of Merino wool dyed with weld, by Kerrie Oliver.


Here is a brief video of my dyeing the scarves with weld in my backyard. 


This is a strong dye vat as the colour 'takes' quickly. That said, it is important to bring the temperature of the vat up to 180 F and it must be stirred for an hour. Lots of suds which probably means i could have rinsed the fabric more to remove the soap. But also, it may be that air bubbles occur with the first initial submission of the fabric into the dye vat. No mind though, it will be fine. 


 There are less suds now and it is nearing the end of the time for removal of the scarves. No suds now. 


Here is a close-up of these delectable things; drying on the racks.   

Project completed: Beautiful amazingly yellow scarf; soft and warm. 

Photo credit: Kerrie Oliver

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