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A Message for Our Time: Keep Calm and Carry On

A Message for Our Time: Keep Calm and Carry On

We've all become familiar with the "Keep Calm" slogan in whatever iteration it has taken over the years. Today, this poster and the simple message it conveys came to mind. It has helped ground me amidst the uncertainty of the day and the current challenge we are collectively facing. The touching story of the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster's origin is told through this short video. The message holds true today as it did in the difficult years leading up to the Second World War; the need for each of us to find a place of peace and continue to live our lives with intention, reaching out to loved ones and gratitude for simple pleasures.

“Keeping calm” doesn’t mean denial or bearing down. Keeping calm speaks to going inward and finding our inner resolve; it means a good deal of self-care. Self-care takes effort, but once found, that quiet place of resolve affects the ability to make better, sound decisions. Decisions that will make the difference in how we navigate our day, from driving safely to resisting the urge to react when that may seem like the only choice. Remember to breath. We are all in this together. I believe we'll get through this.

Continue to find ways to engage with community. As we reduce our face-to-face interactions with others, this is a time to reach out in other ways. Sign up for an online class or online church ceremony. Call someone just to hear their voice. It will make the difference in their day and yours. 


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  • Great video. Thanks Kathleen.

    Carmen Anne Milenkovic
  • Thanks Kathleen- a lovely message with much truth

    Mary Samide
  • Very nice story and apropos. Thanks, Kathleen.❤️

    Maureen Bailey

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