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My Beautiful Studio

My Beautiful Studio


We've been four months into COVID-19 since mid-March. It's been a long four months adjusting to all the uncertainty. I've been fortunate to have had a separate space away from my home with which to retreat to during this time. I've been grateful for my beautiful studio space where I can work uninterrupted in the sun-filled space with its high ceilings. A lovely old skylight is one of the central features of the building. Who doesn't respond to glorious natural light? Natural light, always the best.

Late afternoon sun in the hallways.

  The York Building is a heritage building in Saskatoon. Some of you might remember the Rexall Drug store that was there for years on the corner of 23rd Street and 2nd Avenue. A dentist's office was in the building at one time, too, and to this day a vintage dentist's chair sits in the corner upon entering the foyer. A grand set of stairs leads you up to offices on the second floor. 

Space to sit in the south sun. 

A small space of 425 sq/ft, but it's glorious when the sun shines as I have two east-facing (massive) windows as well as one on the south side. When I took over the space I had the false ceiling taken up to allow the full length of the original ceiling. I love it. In the late Spring and Summer when I arrive in the morning, I don't even need to turn the lights on because the sunlight shines through the gap at the top of the windows where the blinds don't cover. 

Fabric is layed out and ready to cut. It was so sunny, I had to close the blinds to avoid the glare. This is definitely a 'slow clothing, limited edition' kind of business. There are no large orders of garments that are being pumped out of a factory. These are slow processes; intentional and thoughtful. 

Studio work time. A lovely bolt of the finest South Indian, indigo-dyed cotton with a white motif. 

Inspiration board catches all kinds of things over the years.  


Studio plants gathered. 

My favourite ladder.  

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  • Thanks for the tour of your studio. Love the ladder. Keep safe.

    Mary Gail Wood
  • Hi! Thanks for the virtual tour of your studio. I am so glad to see the adaptive reuse of a heritage building. I am a heritage lover and I believe these spaces come with their own spirit.
    I am sure you are inspired by and thrive in such a glorious space.

    Enjoy your day!

    LIndae Stokes
  • A gorgeous volume of space and filled with creative positive energy. The attire definitely loves the background you designed to showcase your skill and talent. Beautiful.


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