I just last week attended another 4-day workshop at Maiwa in Vancouver, BC. I had wanted to take this particular workshop last year when it was offered but the class was full. I was able to attend this year - so very grateful for the opportunity to do the class. 

The class covered a lot of information; what fabrics to use with what tannins and each mordant to produce the best results. Sixteen students attended in what felt like a 4-day (enjoyable) marathon. 

Here below, are just some of the mixed natural dyes that we used. 


This is a colour sampler I painted on silk with a range of natural dye colours. 

Here below, is a sample I painted on cotton with some of the same colours, but done on cotton. 

Steaming the fabric to 'set' the colours after printing and painting. 

Below is a sample of a stencilled piece of natural dyes on cotton fabric - courtesy of Maiwa. 


Amazing deep colours achieved with painting natural dyes. 





Fiona said:

Did you thicken the natural dyes before painting on the cotton? if so, with what?
I am trying to paint on cotton with logwood.
Thank you very much!

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