It's been almost eight years since we've been to India - and we are thrilled to be returning in just a few short days!  

I'll never forget the time my husband and I travelled there with our friend. I was counting my rupees ahead of time in the airport to see how many I had with me. As I looked at them all laid out in front of me, I said, "That's a whole whack of rupees!" Our friend got a real chuckle out of this term ('whack') that he'd never heard before. Maybe this is a Canadian term. So, as I write this post, I think of you Dean, and this blog post is dedicated to you.

We look forward to exotic Mumbai and the famous Leopold Cafe, (for better or worse), mango lassisColaba and all the sites along the way. India is an adventure no matter where you go. A textile (weaver) friend once said to me,  "India will always call". As a clothing designer and textile officcinado, India is one of the most amazing places in the world that offers a mind-boggling array of exotic sights, smells and fabrics at every turn. And, not to mention the age-old traditions that have been carried on from generation to generation. 

Here is a photo that I took on the streets of Mumbai in 2004. Early morning walk on our way to breakfast. Here was the opportunity and I seized the moment. I've since been back to this site once, but that was years ago, and the lettering was hardly readable then. Maybe I could still find it. 

It's hard to believe we are soon to be on the plane. Stay tuned….here we go!



Julie Schaeffer

Julie Schaeffer said:

Oh Kathleen and Scott! I am so happy for your return to India. May your travels be fruitful. Sitting included?

Kathleen O'Grady

Kathleen O'Grady said:

Hi Julie,

Thank you for your nice wishes. We are so looking forward to it. No sitting this time. Unfortunately, Shopify (my website) doesn’t let me reply to you and have you know the I replied and connected to your initial Comment. Which is too bad, because then you would be able to see this.

Teresa Gagne

Teresa Gagne said:

Enjoy the colours, the tastes, the textures.
May you be well and happy.

Swati Nandi

Swati Nandi said:

Welcome to India – the land of textiles, colour, milk and honey! I am in Kolkata and hope we will meet when you are here. Missed you at Indigo Sutra in November.

Lorie Young

Lorie Young said:

God bless you in your travels. Stay safe and enjoy!

Barbara Loland

Barbara Loland said:

So happy to hear you are returning to India Kathleen. Of all our travels, my favourite country. Enjoy and Happy Christmas to you both Safe travels.

Barb and Jim

Barb and Jim said:

We are so thrilled for you both. May you have a most marvellous adventure. Looking forward to your posts. Namaste

Lorene Nickel

Lorene Nickel said:

Make the best of it. I am so excited for you. Will follow on your blog.

Doreen Schaefer

Doreen Schaefer said:

How exciting! Can’t wait to follow your adventures! … have fun!!!

Sally Kotoff

Sally Kotoff said:

I often ask Cheryl about you and think of California when I mention your name. I am now living in Cumberland B.C. just a 3 minute drive from Cheryl. We both moved here within a couple of months of each other. Happy to see you have been successful with your clothing line. Please drop me a line if you have time and fill me in on your marriage and adventures. By the way you look fantastic on your web picture.

Beth Jay

Beth Jay said:

I’m envious! I wish I was footloose and fancy free and able to travel…….but I know those days will return for me. India, Sri Lanka, south-east Asia. They’re all just waiting. I hope you post more about your trip on you blog and on FB.

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