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Caring for Your Naturally-dyed Scarf

Caring for Your Naturally-dyed Scarf


What do all those symbols mean?

Garment care labels can sometimes be confusing to navigate, especially if they consist mostly of symbols. Here is a garment care label guide. Scroll down within the guide to see what the different symbols mean. The guide may vary slightly between countries; this one relates to Canadian labels.

One of the questions often asked when referring to natural dyes, is: "Will they fade"? The answer is, that all fabrics will fade in time. That said, naturally dyed garments differ from conventionally dyed garments and for this reason they require a different way of laundering. Naturally dyed garments require a more thoughtful approach to washing. When I care for my clothing and value it, this creates a 'circular' way of thinking; when I love my garment, I take care of it and value it. 

Detergents became popular when conventional textiles and garments came into being only within the last several hundred years. Along with conventional dyes came the convenience of "throwing them in the wash". Thus, the quick action of detergents made the entire laundering process easier.  

It's important to find a pH-neutral soap to wash your scarf with, since detergents are hard on delicate fabrics dyed with natural dyes. There are a number of brands on the market, but I have been using this one - Eucalan. If you wish to locate a store near you that carries it, follow the link


Here are some quick reminders for how to launder your scarf:

  1. Hand wash separately in warm water 
  2. Use a gentle pH-neutral liquid soap 
  3. After washing, roll in a towel
  4. Hang to dry in the shade

And in the wise words of grande dame Vivienne WestwoodBuy less. Choose well. Make it last. 

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