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How To Create a Layered Look: Q&A Style With Kathleen

How To Create a Layered Look: Q&A Style With Kathleen

Question: At a market show I participated in this weekend in Calgary, Alberta, Nicole was unsure about how to create a layered look and asked for tips on how she might do that with a cropped top.  

Answer: There are a few basic things to think about when you create a layered look. It's an easy thing to do, it just takes a bit of practice. Here is one way to get that layered look:

  1. Start with a pair of jeans.
  2. Different lengths of garments, such as a longer tunic or T-shirt. In this case, I've given both options with a longer T-shirt and second option with a button-down linen shirt.
  3. Add a shorter, cropped top, jacket or blouse. 
  4. Adding a scarf can really add to a look and complete it. 

 Cropped Cotton Top of 100% Cotton (handwoven by WomenWeave) is paired with a button-down classic tunic blouse. 

The cropped top is paired here with a knit T-shirt of a longer length. 

Keep experimenting with different garments to find a look that suits you. Asking girlfriends is always a good idea to get some feedback!







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