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Iris Apfel Turns 100!

Iris Apfel Turns 100!


Iris Apfel turns 100! (well, officially on August 29, 2021).

Who is Iris Apfel? She is a socialite, fashion icon, interior designer and much more. One thing I really like about Iris is her dry wit and perfect delivery for a joke - often about herself. She has also inspired a Barbie Doll in her image. Here's a fun trailer of a documentary about Iris:

It's perfect timing with Dame Iris turning 100, and also being featured in the most recent Selvedge Magazine's 100th issue. For anyone who doesn't know about Selvedge Magazine, it is a treasured publication, one of which (and I've said this before) when it arrives, I head to a quiet corner to read and pour over the visuals; learning of slow textiles and the wonders of world heritage and textiles. I used to tell my husband that when the Selvedge Magazine arrived, it was like getting a new doll; I wanted to be all alone to play with my 'new doll'. By the way, you can still back-order the 100th issue featuring Iris.

Speaking of Selvedge Magazine, the yearly Selvedge World Fair (digital this year and last) starts on Sept. 4th. The World Fair is a full and amazing 5-day program featuring artisans and textile traditions from around the world. In fact, some of the artisans I have had the privilege to meet in India on my past travels. This video shows just a taste of some of the world craft and artisans you will see if you purchase tickets to the event:

Most of the events will be recorded and you can view them at your leisure. You can purchase tickets online. Enjoy the show!

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