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Rebranding Announcement: Kathleen O'Grady Design!

Rebranding Announcement: Kathleen O'Grady Design!

Announcing My Rebrand! 

As most of you know, for many years I've been operating under the name of grady bleu in celebration of my love for the rich history and tradition of indigo-dyed textiles. Today, however, I am excited to announce that I am 'returning to my roots,' you might say, and rebranding as KATHLEEN O'GRADY DESIGN. What that means is my website address is now But don't worry, you can still type in and it will take you to the website. For Instagram and Facebook my name is now Kathleen O'Grady Design. 

Even though I'm rebranding, my passion and focus remain the same - slow clothing and world textiles and cultures. I will continue to bring you quality garments made with great care and attention to detail, garments that fit well and are able to transition, match and complement each other from season to season.

Thank you for being with me over the years and your continued support.

Warmest wishes, 

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  • Hi Kathleen , good to hear from you! Congrats on new brand!

    Susyn Irwin

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