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Q&A Style with Kathleen

Q&A Style with Kathleen

At my recent Open Studio event, Colleen asked me a great question (see below).  For some time I've been thinking about starting a Q&A series on my blog. I'm happy to announce that Colleen's question has inspired me to launch Q&A Style with Kathleen. I'll be answering your questions on a regular basis. Please email me your questions having to do with style, fit and fabrics.

Now for Colleen's question: 

The Linen Tunic with Collar and Cuffs that I purchased this summer is a size small. The Mandarin Collar Tunic I bought today is a medium, yet I feel they fit almost the same... does that make sense?

Answer: Colleen, that's a really good question. The sizes are cut the same but the fabric in the Mandarin Collar Tunic is thicker and responds (fits) a little more snugly because of the thicker fabric. The Collar and Cuff style you purchased in the summer is a lighter and more pliable (thinner) fabric so the small size fits a little looser - or just right in the case of lighter vs. more heavy fabric. Another customer at my Open Studio Event had the same experience when she tried on an XL in the Mandarin Collar Tunic and then an XL in the Tunic with Collar and Cuffs (lighter-weight linen). I think you made a good choice for the size medium in the Mandarin Collar. It will also shrink a little so I think that's good. You will also be able to fit a light-weight T-shirt or even light sweater perhaps under the medium. I hope that works well. If not, I can certainly hold a small for you.

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