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Wool: The Warmest of Fibre

Wool: The Warmest of Fibre

I have always loved wool. And if you are as crazy about wool as I am, here are a few interesting things to know about it: 

    1. Wool 'breathes'. Unlike synthetic fibres, the composition of wool fibre naturally wicks away moisture from the body.
    2. Wool retains its insulating properties even when it's wet.
    3. Wool when cared for will hold up for many years.
    4. Wool is friendly to the environment and is biodegradable. 

One of my naturally dyed merino wool scarves dyed with the weld plant. 

A fascinating read that sheds a lot of interesting information on the wool trade, scarcity and need is Fabric of War: A Hidden History of the Global Wool Trade

A grouping of my naturally dyed wool scarves.

My scarves will be available at the following shows coming up. You can also find more information about them on my Events page. 

  Sept. 28-29  Open Studio Event (Sasktoon, SK)
Nov. 1-2
New Craft Coalition (Calgary, AB)
Nov. 8-10
WinterGreen (Regina, SK)
Nov. 14-17
Art Market Market Art & Craft Sale (Calgary, AB)
Nov. 29-Dec. 1
Sundog (Saskatoon, SK)
 Dec. 6-16 
Salon Metiers des Arts (Montreal, QC)




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