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Memory Lane - SALON METIERS D'ARTS 2019 - Montreal

Memory Lane - SALON METIERS D'ARTS 2019 - Montreal

The 2019 Salon Metier D'Arts (SMAQ) marked another wonderful year at Salon Metier D'Arts (SMAQ) in beautiful Montreal. The historic craft show of almost 60 years took place from Dec. 6-22, 2019. I was selected to participate as one of Saskatchewan Craft Council's participants (a selected juried member) to return again for a second year, along with artists Mary Lynn Podiluk of Mary Lynn Podiluk Jewellery and Sherri Hrycay (milliner) of Sova DesignAlexa Hainsworth, Membership Services Coordinator of the Craft Council, accompanied us.  Our attendance was made possible by the generous support of both the Saskatchewan Craft Council and CreativeSask.  

We stayed at the beautiful Place Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Montreal. 

Each morning an eager crowd awaited entrance to the show.  

A panoramic view of the show while standing on the stairs. Approximately 300 vendors attended this high-calibre juried event. 


As an entrant to the Salon,  a fun engagement was the daily figurine hunt for the image of Christian Begin, Salon Spokesperson.  Each day, three small cardboard figurines look-alike's of Christian would be placed in artisan's booths. Salon guest participants would record the location of the figurine and receive a chance to win a prize for completing their submission form. 

Alexa of Member Services with the Saskatchewan Craft Council, wears a lot of hats. :) 

My booth at Salon Metier. 

Alexa wearing one of my designs in silk taffeta, as well as one of my naturally dyed, textured wool scarves. 

Mary Lynn Podiluk of Mary Lynn Podiluk Jewellery and Sherri Hrycay of Sova Hats were also selected by the Saskatchewan Craft Council to attend the historic event. 

The day before the Salon Metier started we decided to search out the famous St. Viateur bagel and cafe. An outside view of the famous bagel shop. 

Our visit to the famous bagel shop.

Watching the bagels drop.


Another highlight of our stay was the adventure we took the day before the Salon started to find a good pair of shoes for the show. Eleven hours on one's feet is a long time, and so you've got to have good shoes. We did a search and found Tony's Chasseurs (shoes). Tony's has been around since 1937 and one of the fellows has worked there for almost 50 years. It's the kind of place where they still measure your foot.  Remember the days when you would come into a shoe store and and you'd tell them what you were looking for, and the first thing they would do would be to measure your foot? Our server said that they are one of the last shoe stores that measure a person's feet. A step back in time, for sure (no pun intended).

The right foot getting measured.   

The foot contraption measure both the length and width of your foot. 


Here are a few videos of the Christmas festivities during our time there. 

Early morning in the tunnel of Central Station Gauchetière where the shops and activity are vibrant. 


One of the favourite morning stops before the show opened; a trip to Premiere Moisson Bakery at Central Station Gauchetière.


Bakery delights galore!


Eclairs, and more.




And the breads…..!

An evening out and briefly stopping by the Palais De Congres Montreal - beautiful coloured glass. We were there in the evening obviously, but it would be heavenly any time of day, with the changing light.  

An early morning walk in old Montreal before the show opened at 11:00. Our last morning before the final day of the show.

Street sign and thinking of the spirit of Christmas.

Oliv et Gourmando cafe and coffee shop. A wonderful cafe: Oliv et Gourmando

Walking back from breakfast we can see beautiful Notre-Dame.

Notre Dame - side view. 


Front view of Notre Dame. 

 A walk by the famous Notre-Dame Basilica in old Montreal. The beautiful bells!


A walk down by the Port of Montreal got me wondering how it must have been so many years ago when the city began upon those shores. 








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  • Delightful Kathleen. Thanks for sharing these videos. They sound and look as though these were great experiences for all of you.

    Judith K. Hindle
  • I really enjoyed you blog!!! It even brought back some memories when we were there last summer! Thank you for sharing.

    Brenda Sibley
  • Love to see your collection and the visit in old Montreal.

    Michelle Maille

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