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Connected to Colour: Orange

Connected to Colour: Orange

Nature always wears the colors of the spirit. 

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nature is a refuge where we connect with our essence and open our senses, seeing, hearing, smelling and feeling more vibrantly. And we revel in the stunning colours of nature - greens, yellows, blues, reds, pinks, and, yes, the colour orange.

Orange is the happiest color. 

-- Frank Sinatra

Orange evokes feelings of excitement, enthusiasm and warmth. Orange is an energetic colour and the colour of sunrises and sunsets.

Orange from Nature

The Weld plant (Reseda luteola) and Eastern Brazilwood (Cæsalpinia spp.) are nondescript in nature, yet they carry within precursors of a vibrant orange. An orange that stays fast and pleases and warms the eye.

Eastern Brazilwood chips, soaked and simmered 1-3 hours to extract colour

Connecting to nature through colour takes time - a slow process. The artisan must gently coax the colour; following Old-World practices, using processes passed down through generations. But, in taking time, the colour stands the test of time, carrying a vibrancy that delights and a quality that improves with age.

Wool scarf blank is cooked in a mordant for 1 hour to prepare it to hold the dye,
then cooked in the dye for 1 hour. 

Eastern Brazilwood by itself is orange. Adding the yellow dye extracted from the Weld plant makes it a vibrant orange.

Naturally dyed orange wool scarf being extracted from the dye vat.

Naturally Dyed Orange Wool Scarf

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